A month ago we brought you some exciting news about Azure Medical in Cottlesloe in WA opening their doors to a progressive new approach to medical care. Offering all your medical, wellness, skin health and cosmetic needs under the one roof, Azure Medical saves you time, money and inconvenience of having to attend different clinics for different needs. This type of approach for medical care makes so much sense and I know I mentioned this last time, but it really is something I wish was closer by to where I live!

Often, when we attend a doctor’s office, we have ailments or issues that are not fixed by one particular solution. Your GP will often need to refer you to a dietician, a skin cancer clinic, a cosmetic laser specialist or other particular area of expertise in order to provide a whole-care approach to ensuring your well-being. Not all doctors’ surgeries have nurses on site, and some of them have one or two part time and you need to reschedule a second visit to catch them. Often we have bodily concerns or issues making us extremely uncomfortable and whilst we don’t want to go to the hospital, sometimes it is difficult to get appointments without having to wait a few days, or weeks!

Imagine going to a place where none of this was the case. If all of the things I mentioned above didn’t happen because you were able to make one appointment, walk into a clinic and be able to have a whole-health approach to your issues. You are able to establish a relationship with your doctor and other staff at the one place.

This is what the team at Azure Medical do. They have all their practitioners under the one roof, who work together to give you the best outcomes possible. They are able to refer you to other experts within the same clinic so you feel as though you are really able to get to the bottom of any issue, much quicker than if you had to source them at different locations.

I really believe this is the way medical clinics should be approached everywhere. With all the new technology and devices, treatments and knowledge about our health it makes so much sense to create a more integrated approach.
Well done to Azure Medical for taking the initiative and identifying a really wonderful way to service your patients and help them to be the healthiest they can be!

If you live near Azure Medical we wholly encourage you to check it out. We’d also love to hear about your experiences! Make sure you write and let us know how they have helped you and what you think about their many services under the one roof!

For more information on Azure Medical or to make an appointment go here.


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