Acne Treatments

Today I want to introduce a topic that I feel quite strongly about.

If you have ever suffered from acne you understand how frustrated, depressed and annoyed it can make you.

I myself have suffered from bad skin and I found that it was like a chain reaction; I would get upset about my skin and my skin would only get worse.

I also found that I would feel so down and out on myself that I would pick at my skin and we all know that is the worst thing you can do, because of scarring.

But here on The Aesthetic Collective I want to share with you the types of acne treatments that are available and believe me if you find the right treatment for you they will work… but be patient and nice to yourself in the process!

Acne is commonly caused by a combination of hormone changes, bacteria and blocked pores.

Mostly they say acne is commonly found in adolescents; but take it from me acne can follow you all the way in to adulthood as well.

It is important to understand why you are breaking out. And the best person to help you with this is your doctor. I know that a majority of my breakouts were caused by stress, which in turn was causing an imbalance of my hormones.

On this article is an explanation of the laser treatments used for acne treatment. Have a read through and make sure you ask questions!

Make sure you stay up to date with everything here at The Aesthetic Collective as we will bring more information on all the other types of treatment available.

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