Ali May Laser

Are you thinking of having laser or skin tightening treatment?
Would you like a mini break away somewhere like Byron Bay?

Check out this fantastic offer for the month of February from Byron Bay’s exclusive boutique clinic, Ali May Laser, tucked away in a private leafy lane only minutes from the heart of town.

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Ali May Laser offers Thermage CPT and Combination Fraxel, the same treatment that Gwyneth Paltrow, considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, has admitted is her secret weapon to fight the signs of ageing.

While Fraxel targets the top layer where the sun damage occurs, Thermage reaches the deeper skin that sags and loses its elasticity with age.

Thermage CPT works by using radio frequency. It is a non-invasive treatment and returns elasticity to sagging skin. A single session is all it takes and can be used almost anywhere on your body such as; the face, neck, bum, thighs, knees, hands and upper arms. It works by heating up the deeper layers to create a stronger structure resulting in tighter, tauter skin that gives a more youthful appearance.

Ali May Laser - Before & After

Here at The Aesthetic Collective, we love Ali May not only because she is super friendly and personable, but she is an expert when it comes to performing her treatments. Ali is a Registered Nurse who has experience working in operating theatres, has travelled overseas as a private nurse, and now operates her own successful boutique clinic. Ali has an ability to really listen to what you want to achieve and understands how important it is for her clients to feel comfortable. You get an experience; not just a treatment.

So if you’ve ever considered giving yourself a makeover now’s the time! What better way than to visit one of the more stunning locations in the country, have an indulgent treatment that will leave you feeling like a new and more refreshed version of yourself, and perhaps soak up a little of the sunshine and vibes this part of the world has to offer at the same time!

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