Choosing the Best Tattoo Removal Lasers

Laser Tattoo RemovalOne of the fastest growing segments of the health and beauty industry is tattoo removal. It makes sense, as the last few decades have seen the number of Australians that have had a tattoo explode – with one in five Australians having one or more tattoos. In fact, behind New Zealand, Australia is the second most tattooed nation in the world, followed closely by the USA, Netherlands and Finland. But along with that growing number of tattoos – there has been a corresponding growing number of people who have regretted having their tattoo.

Tattoo Regrets – We Have More than a Few

Tri-Beam TreatmentA 2017 Choice survey showed that one in three Australians with a tattoo regret it. And the reality is, the more tattoos there are in a population, the more ‘tattoo regret’ there is. The reasons why people choose to get a tattoo removed are varied. There are aesthetic reasons, such as bad tattooing, an ageing or damaged tattoo and there are social reasons, such as employment prospects, or pressure from a loved one or a family member. Other regrets include the perceived stigma of having a tattoo and in general, the non-compatibility of a tattoo with a person’s current lifestyle.

As clinicians know, removing a tattoo is not exactly as easy as some people might want it to be. A number of tattoo removal treatments are required, plus every tattoo is different – and more importantly for both clinicians and patients, not all tattoo removal lasers are created equal.

Three-time Australian Beauty Industry Award winning ‘National Wholesaler of the Year’ The Global Beauty Group are one of Australia’s leading beauty suppliers of cutting-edge aesthetic and medical-grade technology. Having delivered advanced tattoo removal technology to the industry for over 10 years, they understand tattoo removal and have scoured the globe to bring Australian salons, clinics and practices the very best in results driven tattoo removal technology.

The Tattoo Removal Gold Standard

With so many lasers on the market it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the vast number of choices. Essentially the gold standard for tattoo removal are Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers.

Carbon facialFor over a decade, Q-Switched lasers have been the most widely used device for the removal of tattoos. The TRI-BEAM™ advanced Q-Switched Nd:YAG, distributed through The Global Beauty Group, is a laser that boasts outstanding skin resurfacing and tattoo removal abilities. The TRI-BEAM™ addresses the full colour spectrum of tattoos – allowing for comprehensive treatments of inks across the colour spectrum at up to 20hz pulse capacity. It can also provide a range of skin rejuvenation applications such as pigmentation correction, melasma treatments and the in demand carbon facial – also known as the “china doll” facial.

Multi-Functional Machines for Multi-Faceted Services

Tri-Beam TreatmentAlternatively, high-end IPL Machines, such as The Global Beauty Group’s award-winning range of multi-functional LUX Series IPL machines, incorporate tattoo removal along with a range of other results driven treatments. These combination IPL lasers are multifunctional, industry-leading technologies with an optional Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser upgrade that allow practitioners to add tattoo removal and carbon facials to their treatment menu. Treatments are capable of removing tattoos containing the colours black, dark blue, green and red pigments within 6–12 sessions depending on the age and quality of the tattoo.

The Global Beauty Group’s UltraLUX PRO device combines laser tattoo removal + carbon facials, IPL hair removal, IPL acne management, IPL pigmentation correction, IPL photo rejuvenation, IPL vascular therapy, radio frequency (RF) skin tightening, sonophoresis product infusion and ultrasound body contouring in one machine that is both powerful and versatile. Essentially operating as a multi-faceted device that empowers beauty businesses to instantly add some of the most commonly requested treatments to their service menu.

Laser Tattoo Removal Before & After

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Published on 2020-12-17 14:01:29