I didn't know I couldn’t see properly - My eye lift story

Blepharoplasty is a procedure commonly known as an eyelid lift. It is performed primarily to remove excess skin and “lift” the eyelids, correcting drooping or sagging eyelids or any defects around the eye area. It tightens and reinforces structure to restore function (opens up the eyes), and to improve any cosmetic concerns, such as excess skin or wrinkling, due to the ageing process, and also genetics!

We recently had the pleasure of chatting to Jo, who had an eyelift late last year. Jo explains that she didn’t even really consider the procedure until a friend pointed out that she had “heavy” eyelids. This triggered Jo to take more notice, and she started to realise a few things. She started looking at herself differently. One of the things she noticed was that she no longer had any “palette” to put eye shadow on.

So Jo decided eyelid surgery was definitely something she wanted to do. She’s never looked back. “I haven’t had the sore shoulders that I had before the surgery. The doctor had said that it could affect the neck and shoulders, especially if I did a lot of driving, which I do. It’s because I was looking over the dashboard in a different way, having to hold up my neck and shoulders to open my eyes to see properly. My shoulders are 100% on what they were.” Jo also discusses how she didn’t realise it until after her surgery, but her eyesight had been affected by her heavy lids. Her neck was constantly stretched because she was compensating for her vision. She now feels like a different person; no neck pain!

Jo says that initially after the surgery she was a little self conscious and was certainly a little insecure about her appearance until the incisions healed.

Jo had day surgery in the clinic and says she expected everything that happened during the procedure, and the only thing she wishes that perhaps she could change is that she had the surgery earlier! Not only has it given her back a palette to do some wonderful eye makeup, but it has improved her vision!

We were able to film part of our chat with Jo, so keep an eye out for our Vlog!


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