Doublo - a facelift without surgery

So apparently you can have a facelift without surgery. Plus no downtime and results that can last up to 2 years! What is it? It’s the Doublo Lift.

This procedure has only just become available in Australia and is the first (TGA) approved device for cosmetic high-intensity-focused-ultrasound (HIFU) treatment.

Using Ultrasound technology this procedure delivers energy right to where it is needed.

Just like an ultrasound the practitioner applies a cool gel to clean skin and moves the device around on the problem areas.

A deep throb is felt but nothing painful. The feeling is intense enough to know that it is working in deep layers.

The procedure takes only an hour with absolutely no down time. Results are noticeable straight away minus a little swelling. The best results generally appear 20 days later.

Tracey who is a writer here at The Aesthetic Collective recently trialled the Doublo. Tracey is a regular writer for The Aesthetic Collective and you can see her first hand results as she tries out the Doublo procedure in this article.

Click here for more details on how the procedure works, what you can expect and a list of frequently asked questions.

To find a clinic that performs the Doublo procedure with the right licensing and qualifications email

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