Eco Coco Certified Organic, Natural and Amazing

The smell of coconut oil reminds me of warm balmy nights, the sound of waves crashing and being completely carefree in the summertime… any product that can invoke those kinds of memories is pretty good don’t you think?

Eco Coco by Stefan does just that. I have had the privilege of trying out their Eco Coco Shampoo, Conditioner and Eco Coco Tan, and to say I am now a dedicated follower of the Eco Coco brand is an understatement.

I always try to use as many completely natural products as possible and my favourite part of these products is that Eco Coco use as many certified organic products as possible as well as being completely sulphate and paraben free, they are animal cruelty free as well! But that’s not all; my hair has never seen better days and my tan looks completely natural too.

I spend a lot of time outdoors so I never completely lose my tan, but the Eco Coco tan looks completely natural, doesn’t have any orange tones to it and doesn’t smell like fake tan at all! Also including vitamin A, C and E along with certified organic Acai Berry and Goji berries it does wonders to fulfill my health and clean living obsession.

Because the Eco Coco Shampoo, Conditioner and the tan contain coconut oil it’s a given they are set to become a super product. The molecular structure of coconut oil is similar to our own skins bio-support network. Perfect for deep hydration, moisturisation and conditioning.

Coconut oil also consists of lauric acid, capric acid and vitamin E, which assist to prevent protein loss and strengthen hair.

High in antioxidants, great for protein, antibacterial and antifungal it seems there is nothing coconut oil can’t do. So head over to and grab yourself some of this miracle product that is set to take the world by storm. You’ll go coco over it I promise.

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