Everything You Wanted to Know About Viveve But Were Afraid to Ask

Who doesn’t want to improve their intimate life? Just as the rest of the female body, the vagina ages – and this unfortunately can lead to many problems for women. Vagina dryness, urinary incontinence, pain during intercourse and vaginal laxity, are just some of the symptoms.

The Viveve treatment is a patented, monopolar radiofrequency technology that renews the tissue just inside the vaginal opening. A Viveve treatment can significantly improve your intimate life by improving these conditions in just a single treatment.

Viveve – A Single, Comfortable, In-House Session

The good news is the Viveve treatment is a single-session, in-office treatment that does not require local or topical numbing medication. The Viveve System uses cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) to deliver heat to the vaginal walls to strengthen and tighten the tissues.

The system delivers short, alternating pulses of cooling to protect the delicate surface of the patient, this allows for a deeper heating of the lax tissue beneath. The cooling technology also activates the natural formation of younger, more supportive collagen.

Gradually over 3-6 months, the collagen revitalizes the vaginal area. Overall, the system improves vaginal laxity, increases lubrication, reduces painful intercourse, reduces bladder leakage, and increases sensitivity for improved intimacy. The Viveve system is the only device that treats vaginal laxity to use this advanced, protective technology.

Who is the Viveve Treatment For?

Viveve provides a boost in collagen to bring back your youthful strength and vitality. The Viveve treatment is ideal if you have experienced a decrease in sexual arousal, physical sensation during intercourse or changes in orgasm, Viveve can help bring this back. By tightening the vaginal tissues your ability to reach an orgasm will increase as well as the physical sensation during intercourse. This can also solve problems with tampons slipping or air passing from the vagina. Just like our skin, vaginal tissues change overtime.

All I want for Christmas is a Vaginal Rejuvenation!

  • The Viveve treatment is a comfortable experience, lasting between 30-45 minutes with no down time. This is a procedure that could be done on your lunch break as you can immediately return to your daily life.
  • Viveve is designed to last a year with results varying based on the individual.
  • Sex – after Viveve. Patients should refrain from sexual activity for 48 hours after the procedure. This allows time for your tissues to recover and begin the collagen restoration process. Over the next 3 months, the body responds by gradually developing healthy, new collagen so the vaginal tissue is revitalized, and sexual sensation and urinary control is improved.
  • Viveve improves your overall quality of life.
  • Viveve is a comfortable, and respectful treatment
  • There is little or no downtime/recovery from a Viveve treatment.
  • Viveve Offers meaningful, lasting results

Here’s a quick Q&A with Dr Martinez

Q. So how does the technology work?

A. So it’s basically a radio frequency laser but we can get it to penetrate the tissue, a lot deeper than the conventional lasers out there, because we use cryogen, and it cools the tissue at the same time. So the depth is a lot deeper than other RF devices and lasers.

Q. Okay so because, because its RF and cooled you can go deeper into the tissue, and that’s why it kind of tightens the tissue. And so how it works – like when you get older and you have a bit of a laugh and a little bit of pee comes out – how does this work that it stops that accidental pee from happening.

A. Well as you get older, the thickness of the connective tissue is quite thin and quite lax so you don’t have that strong sling type support, holding your bladder in. So when we use the Viveve we thicken that layer and make it quite tight. And it just reforms the support there.

Q. Is this a treatment that – like – when would someone know that they would need something like this done. What would be the symptoms apart from having to go to shopping without – you know – buying adult nappies.

A. I guess, in terms of urinary symptoms. Any female who has had a baby, whether that be vaginally or through caesarian, you will have some kind of tissue laxity, and you will feel it from time to time, so even if you feel like the incontinence is not a severe problem, it’s good to just start this as early as possible. In terms of things like sexual function vaginal dryness, I mean that can happen to any woman at any time it doesn’t have to just be through menopause. And yes, so the earlier the better to be honest because the tissues – well the tissue quality – is a lot better when you’re younger. If we thought you were postmenopausal and the tissue quality wasn’t as good, we usually just use some estrogen cream beforehand and that just plumps up the area. So you get maximum benefit before doing the Viveve treatment.

Q. And so if you were like 23 and you had a baby. Could you have it, and then you wanted more babies, could you have it like in between babies.

A. Yes, you could. Yes, you could definitely, there’s nothing bad that can happen. There’s really no contraindications in terms of getting this done between pregnancies or even in terms of age. Right.

Q. Because I was talking to Dr. Fariba earlier this month, we were doing an interview about this, and I thought it was just women that had a vaginal birth might have issues later on, but apparently 85% of the damage is done during pregnancy!

A. Yeah, that’s exactly right. Just from the pressure of having a baby those hormones in pregnancy just making everything quite lax down there, so yeah, it’s not just for women who’ve had vaginal deliveries.


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Published on 2020-12-14 06:04:54