The Future of Cosmeceuticals

The underwater world is offering scientists an ocean of possibilities in anti-ageing innovation.

Biological scientist and cosmetic chemist Terri Vinson, who founded Synergie Skin®, says a species of jellyfish and seaweed have inspired what she believes are the two most exciting ingredients in anti-ageing skincare.

Ms Vinson spoke at the recent 8th Annual Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine Conference: An Integrative Approach to Stress and Ageing, on the topic, ‘The future of cosmeceuticals that influence the genetic programming of skin cells.’

The first cosmeceutical she spoke about was Juveleven® – a peptide that protects DNA from damage, stimulates its natural repair pathways and enhances cellular longevity and vitality.
“When they used this ingredient in a clinical trial in Europe on a woman who was 55, after 30 days her cells behaved like a woman of 45,” Ms Vinson says.

Juveleven®, described as a guardian of genomic integrity, was inspired by the Immortal Jellyfish (aka the hydra). This is the only known animal capable of perfect and total regeneration.

“Scientists took clues from the Immortal Jellyfish – every time there’s a problem with its cells it makes a perfect duplicate copy of itself without any genetic errors,” Ms Vinson says.

“The scientists were thinking ‘what if we could do this in human cells?’
and they isolated a factor called FOX-030 and they simulated it in the laboratory.”

Ms Vinson also spoke about a cosmeceutical called Phycosaccharide®, a complex sugar that is derived from bacteria that lives on seaweed.

“This ingredient is able to repair and stimulate our body’s own growth factors,” she says.

“There’s a lot of talk at the moment of using stem cells in skincare, but stem cells are too large to penetrate skin – it’s like pushing a golf ball through a needle.
“But this ingredient can penetrate the skin and can stimulate repair of our skin and smooth our wrinkles.”

Both Juveleven® and Phycosaccharide® are contained in a product developed by Ms Vinson called Synergie Skin® SuperSerum – available from selected salons and clinics.

The serum has been on the market for about a year, but Ms Vinson has been using it for two years and believes it represents the future of antiageing skincare.

“I believe it’s a game-changer in the industry,” she says.

“I’m 51 and I’ve been using it for two years and it’s phenomenal. It improves tone, texture and fine lines.”

Ms Vinson recommends using the serum twice a day, but maintains prevention is better than cure when it comes to skincare.

“The number one product is sunscreen,” she says.

“Then you need to become educated, do your own research, go to a qualified skin technician, nurse, doctor or aesthetician and seek professional advice for your particular concern.”

And, despite being an advocate of non-invasive procedures, Ms Vinson believes cosmeceuticals and cosmetic surgery can complement each other.

“Cosmeceuticals play fundamental role in all parts of improving the skin and in surgery as well,” she says.

“Most surgeons need their clients to prepare their skin and cosmeceuticals are neither a drug nor a fluffy thing you’d find in a supermarket – they lie in between and create a biological change in the skin.

“Someone may have plastic surgery once in her life and then use cosmeceuticals to maintain the skin into the future.”

Being 51 and looking like she does, Terri Vinson is on a winner here – I’m off to buy it!

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