Great Skin Starts with Knowing Your Skin

The reality is you probably have very little idea about the state of your skin. We all look in the mirror, barely noticing the subtle changes to our skin that can occur over many years.

For many of us, we don’t even change our skincare routine regardless of the passing of time. And that applies, even if our skincare routine was developed years ago as a spotty teenager! We may now find, if we really knew what our skin’s health was, that our skin has totally different needs if we want it to glow with health!

But how do we know what our skin is like? The tone and firmness, the ability to hold moisture, the amount of sun damage, the level of oil in our skin, the size of our pores, all these factors contribute to the overall condition of our skin.

And yet, most of us are clueless when it comes to what factors contribute the overall condition and health of our skin.

So how could we know what our skin is really like? What sun damage do we have? What ability does our skin have to retain moisture? Just by looking in the mirror? The reality is, the surface of our skin as seen by the human eye, reveals just a fraction of what really makes up the condition of our skin.

The ability to accurately analyse skin for potential skin cancers has been around for years. A dermatologist or a skin cancer doctor has access to technology that helps to identify and determine any unhealthy skin growths, lesions and other related skin conditions.

For medical reasons, this ability to spot skin cancers is of course a great use of technology. But until now, there was very little technology available to analyse our skin to help us understand how we can best maintain how our skin looks and feels.

The Leading Skin Analysis Machine – The Observ520x

Now thanks to new technology, there is an ability to aesthetically analyse our skin at a deep level, with the Observ520x Skin Analysis Machine. This exciting technology is distributed by Australia’s leading beauty salon supplier, The Global Beauty Group and it is now available through leading skincare clinics across Australia and New Zealand.

Designed to assist in accurately assessing skin, the Observ520x provides both the client and the practitioner with accurate knowledge to assist in prescribing a bespoke skincare treatment plan for clients.

As a state-of-the-art skin analysis machine, the Observ520x allows clinicians the ability to share with their clients a diagnosis of their unique skin conditions at both a deep epidermal level and at the upper, more visual dermal layer.

By providing clients with a true and accurate reading of their skin, you not only empower your clients with knowledge, the clinician can create a relationship that is based on sharing helpful and detailed personalised information.

This interactive approach to professional skincare between a client and the professional consultant is an excellent basis to build trust. By providing a client with a detailed fact-based analysis of their skin, the basis for recommending the best skincare product range for a particular client is that much more accurate.

The skin is far more complex than what is seen by the naked eye. The Observ520x is a highly professional skin analyser. With advanced analysis technology, underlying skin concerns can be addressed even before these skin conditions become visible at the surface level.

The State-of-the-art Technology of the Observ520x

After the Observ520x analyses the skin, six different readings and images of your skin are produced. This professional skin analysis not only correctly visualises and determines the problem areas in the skin; it also allows the clinician and client to track the progress of the skin over time.

The accurate skin analysis produced by the Observ520x can measure the results and the benefits of a clinician’s prescribed skin treatments for their client.

Most clinicians recommend that their clients receive undertake an Observ520x skin analysis machine at least twice a year to accurately maintain and track the results of their skin treatments. This regularity of skin analysis ensures that their clients’ skin remains at optimum health.

The market leading skin analysis machine, the Observ520x can accurately reveal a range of skin conditions. Some of the most revealing skin characteristics revealed with this technology include:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines – including ones you can’t even see yet!
  • The sebum (oil) content of your skin, which can contribute to acne and blemishes
  • Pigmentation – closely assess the severity of freckles, sunspots and age spots
  • The accurate size of your pores – determines if enlarged pores are a problem for your skin
  • The moisture content of your skin. Skin dehydration is a serious age-contributing factor.
  • Loss of skin firmness. Is your skin ageing well, or losing elasticity at a rapid rate?
  • The tone of skin and the overall health of the skin

The Observ520x is exclusively available through The Global Beauty Group, Australia’s leading beauty salon supplier.

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Published on 2021-12-31 20:00:59