I’m addicted to Coffee, I’m addicted to BabeScrub!

Ok, so I admit, I’m obsessed with body scrubs. I mean I’ve always been kinda obsessive with beauty, but I have to say these BabeScrubs are my latest and greatest “must haves”.

I was recently on a working holiday in Melbourne where I met up with the amazing and dynamic Kim, who is the founder of BabeScrub. She’s a mover and a shaker and determined to create a top quality brand from BabeTown.

Now I gotta say this stuff is absolutely fantastic. There are 3 different scrubs to choose from, Green Tea, Himalayan Salt, and my favourite – Coffee. BabeScrub is really easy to use, just get into the shower – you can do this alone or with a friend – wet your body, and take a handful of your BabeScrub and gently scrub your bod. The instructions on the pack will tell you to ‘give extra love and attention to any wobbly bits”. Leave it on for about 5 minutes, then rinse it off. Voila, easy peazy. Not only did my bathroom smell like an orgasmic coffee shop, but my skin felt absolutely amazing. It’s been 3 days now and I can still feel the benefits.
Body Souffle Wild Daisy
Which BabeScrub? I say try them all! But if you’re wanting a specific result, the green tea scrub is detoxifying, the coffee scrub helps with the appearance of cellulite, and the Himalayan pink salt is great for muscle relaxation the perfect after-workout treat.

Ooohhh and while you’re at it, try BabeTown’s new range of Body Souffle. The “Wild Daisy” is so luscious!

You can find babescrub and their new body souffle @ babescrub.com, or send us an email and we’ll get it delivered straight to your door info@wickedbeauty.com.au



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