Infinity Skin Clinic - Medispa by Dr Charles Cope

Australia’s most respected beauty and fashion magazine, Vogue, has honoured the nation’s best Medispas in the Cosmetic Enhancement and Anti-Ageing Supplement of its August edition.

The Medispa given the revered title of ‘best in New South Wales’ was Mosman’s Infinity Skin Clinic – Medispa by Dr Charles Cope.

“I am absolutely delighted for Infinity Skin Clinic to receive this accolade from such a prestigious magazine as Vogue Australia,” said Dr Cope.

“We have tried hard over the years to maintain the highest possible standards in the clinic, setting up our ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities, as Vogue was kind enough to mention.”

A renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Cope established his Medispa a decade ago when his patients began asking for advice on what skincare products to use pre and post-procedure.

Over the years, Dr Cope has seen many changes in the industry but says the medical-grade Fraxel® re:store DUAL laser has been the most exciting technological breakthrough in non-surgical skin treatments.

“It’s suitable for all skin types – unlike many lasers such as IPL (Intense Pulse Light) – and provides amazingly consistent results in improvement of fine lines, texture and pigmentation, and also improves acne scarring, surgical scars and stretch marks,” he said.

“It can even be used on the sensitive area below the eyes where few other treatments can work.

“It also has little downtime with most clients getting some mild swelling and redness for one to four days, but even this can be covered with mineral makeup.”

Dr Cope also purchased a new Thermage® laser last year, which provides great skin-tightening results.

“It can be used to tighten eyelid area skin – something that used to be impossible without eyelid surgery – and loose skin on the face and neck where surgery is not yet needed, and can also be used on the abdomen, arms and thighs,” he said.

“Sometimes my Medispa’s lasers do me out of work!”

But even the best equipment means nothing without highly trained staff.

Dr Cope believes his team of primarily registered nurses is the driving force behind his clinic’s success.

“Most of our staff are Registered Nurses,” he said.

“I started Infinity Skin Clinic with the idea that safety and expertise are paramount and I have to be able to trust our staff with the well-being of my patients, as well as clinic clients.

“This has been more expensive, but in the long run it has paid off in levels of excellence. Only last year I started employing skin therapists with a beauty background, but only because we found some fabulously trained staff with our high ethics of safety and professionalism.”

As well as their training, Dr Cope said his staff had a genuine love of people.

“We try to put the well-being of our clients as the most important endpoint of our treatments,” he said.

“We want our clients to be so pleased with the services we provide that they want to tell their friends.”

Check out Infinity Skin Clinic – Medispa by Dr Charles Cope.

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