It’s Prime Time with ISSADA’s 3 Perfect Primers

We are often asked about the importance of a primer and when to use one. The main purpose of a primer is to give you longer lasting wear from your foundations and makeup and to ensure a smoother flawless finish. A good primer will smooth or “blur” your pores, and prevent the foundation from adhering too much on drier skin areas so evening out the finished colour. You can liken it to preparing the skin canvas for the finale – your make-up – with a slightly tactile texture which assists in holding your foundation in place! Primers made by Issada cosmetics are multi-functional giving you more bang for your buck and Issada has three of the most effective primers on the market – that not only ensure your foundation looks great, these primers are also great for your skin!

1. Calm Your Skin & Perfect Your Foundation Coverage with Issada’s Calm Balm Primer

Calm Balm PrimerIf you are prone to redness you will be frustrated at how one cup of hot coffee or spicy food can send you glowing in the dark! Alternatively if you have redness caused by acne scarring or barrier impaired skin you will also experience those redness frustrations daily. Issada’s Calm Balm Primer is the skin-perfecting mineral pre-foundation miracle balm. Designed to prepare your skin for the ultimate in perfected flawless foundation application and to enhance the longevity of your foundation throughout the day.

Issada’s Calm Balm Primer also uses cooling and soothing green mineral pigments that fuse with the pure elements of Rose, Witch Hazel, Squalene, Minerals and Grapefruit Extract that work together to simultaneously neutralise skin redness, while also mattifying and minimising the appearance of pores diminishing redness and blemishes immediately on contact.

Application of Issada’s Calm Balm Primer
Issada’s Calm Balm Primer should be smoothed over cleansed skin with a foundation brush, or sponge, after applying your usual serums and moisturisers.

The All-In-One Solution – For Sensitive Skin
Issada’s Calm Balm is your secret weapon against redness, oil control and open pores. A must even for non-foundation wearers, this oil-free gel formula can be worn alone as a skin corrector.

Features and Benefits of Issada’s Calm Balm Primer

  • Calming, hydrating, soothing and nourishing plant extracts
  • Anti-redness properties
  • Oil-free formulas
  • Lightweight cream-gel texture
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Minerals
  • Mattifies pores
  • Reduces shine
  • Calms and soothes
  • Smoothes your skin for even makeup application
  • Extends the wear of makeup
  • Improves the appearance of skin texture
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Paraben free
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan

2. Brighten your skin while perfecting Your Foundation with Issada’s NEW FORMULA Canvas Foundation Primer

Canvas Foundation PrimerEssential for every good makeup bag is a quality primer. To ensure your foundation looks flawless and maintains maximum all-day, all-night coverage, Issada’s Canvas Foundation Primer essentially creates the perfect canvas on which to apply your foundation.

Issada’s Canvas Foundation Primer brightens and perfects the surface texture of your skin, while at the same time, minimising the appearance of pores and fine lines. With a small application, you will find your foundation glides on to a smooth, even canvas.

Issada’s Canvas Foundation Primer also hydrates, soothes, calms and nourishes your skin, providing a protective barrier between skincare and makeup. Issada’s Canvas Foundation Primer is an easy addition to your skincare routine, while also effectively ensuring your makeup looks its best and lasts longer.

Issada’s Canvas Foundation Primer also helps with colour fidelity – essentially ensuring that your foundation colour holds true to your skin match, while at the same time, holding your makeup in place for longer.

With its high quality, natural ingredients, Issada’s Canvas Foundation Primer is a lightweight clean formula for all skin types. Anti-aging, hydrating, calming and capable of stimulating new skin cell growth, you’ll soon come to appreciate Issada’s Canvas Foundation Primer as an essential addition to your skincare and makeup routine.

Issada’s Canvas Foundation Primer Key Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin E
  • Rosehip Oil
  • Honeysuckle Extract
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract
  • Lavendar Extract


3. Extend your eye makeup wear with ISSADA’s Antioxidant Shadow Magnet

Shadow MagnetIssada’s innovative Anti-Oxidant Shadow Magnet works in three ways.

It’s a concealer – disguising and concealing dark corners of the eyes, pigmentation and even veins and broken capilliaries creating the base to apply your eye shadows and liner to.

It’s a primer, actively holding onto – with magnet like strength – your eye makeup keeping it perfectly in place all day, without creases – just a continuous smooth, long-lasting effect all day.

It’s an anti-oxidant eye treatment containing Lecithin and Vitamin E to protect the delicate eyelid with antioxidants, fighting ageing while creating a powerful barrier between the skin and your eye shadow.

The fast-drying, indelible formula allows shadow to glide on and makes it easy to achieve budge-proof, smudge-proof, crease proof eye artistry.

Shadow Magnet enables extremely long wearing eye design makes it the perfect tool to set your eye makeup in hot climates, and for events such as weddings and formals – in fact any occasion where you want to look as good at the end of the day or night as you did at the beginning.

Paraben free, gluten free and vegan, Shadow Magnet improves the appearance of ‘crepey’ skin, covers and conceals redness, veins or age spots. The crème-gel formula, in a flesh-toned tint, delivers a flawless smooth eyelid, acting as a concealer for days when you don’t want to wear makeup.

Scrape out a small amount of Shadow Magnet with a spatula and apply to your eyelids with a brush, paying particular attention to the corner of the eye – the first place where makeup will smudge or wear due to moisture or where dark shadows lurk.

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