Make Up

This is something that is part of many women’s daily routines; some of us won’t even leave the house without at least some of it on. In fact I have quite a lot of it on right now.

Make up. Most women wear it. As do some men. And it’s the biggest player in the beauty industry making up around $18 billion dollars worth of it! And hey it’s something that can turn an ugly day around… its strange how just a thin black line across the top of my eye can make me feel so much prettier!?

Although we would all love to say we don’t need or want to wear make up everyday and having a make up free day is great … especially for your skin.

But reality of it is that we are going to keep wearing it … well I know I am
and whether we think about it or not as women, it is a big part of our lives and lets face it a fair bit of fun that allows us to get creative and experiment with different looks.

So here at The Aesthetic Collective we want to share with you the best make up tips and tricks, specials, demo’s and even one on one interviews with some of the best make up artists in the industry.

So make sure you stay tuned, read the articles attached on this page and throughout the site and click on the find a clinic button if you are looking for a make up artist near you or the best place to pick up the best make up brands.


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