Meet Dr May Marr

Dr May Marr is a cosmetic physician based in Lennox Head, just south of Byron Bay, in her private clinic which she opened in 2009. She has since been offering her services to clients on the NSW North Coast with rave reviews. We were able to meet with Dr Marr and have a chat about business, life, beauty, and some exciting news on what’s coming up at her clinic.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a mother of 3 amazing kids, a wife and a full time cosmetic physician. I nurture myself everyday by surrounding myself with positive influences, eating and living well.

What was your inspiration to become cosmetic physician?
It was a culmination of a number of factors. I suffered from severe acne at the age of 21, and having went through the gamut of snake oil and the likes I decided to follow a medical approach to managing my acne. My interest in evidence-based skin care and skin rejuvenation was piqued. I was halfway through my Oncology advanced training when we started our family and I was looking for an alternate career path which would allow me to have that elusive balance between family and career.

What is your favourite part of your job?
My favourite part of my job is educating and empowering my clients in the minefield of aesthetics.

Best piece of beauty advice?
Consistency and a holistic approach are paramount: there are no quick fixes. Wear sunscreen daily and when seeking skin rejuvenation treatments, make sure that all aspects of skin aging are addressed; skin texture, skin cancer checks, wrinkles, volume loss, redundant skin, and of course eating well and limiting environmental toxin like nicotine. For more information on natural skin rejuvenation techniques read here.

What have you got going on at the clinic right now?
The newest treatment modality on offer is the Exilis radiofrequency treatment for skin tightening and localised fat reduction. There is also a new botulinum toxin available (Type X) from Germany. I now offer all three TGA approved botulinum toxin – Type B (botox), Type D (dysport) and Type X (Xeomin). There is also an exciting, stimulating dermal filler called Ellanse; a temporary filler appropriate for those patients who find that the hyaluronic based dermal fillers do not last as long. It works by stimulating the patient’s own collagen production with the PCL microsphere (PCL is the same component in absorbable sutures used in surgery).

Click here for a link for more information on Ellanse available at Dr. May Marr’s Clinic in Lennox Head NSW.

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