Michelle's Boob Job with Dr Ces

Having breast augmentation is something I had been considering for about five years.

I’m 33 and I have two children aged nine and four. Before I had kids, I had very little breasts – approximately a B cup. I remember using those chicken fillets along with push-up bras just to get some shape.

After breastfeeding both children, I was wearing D cup bras but my breasts were ‘empty’ at the top and I longed for a fuller, rounder look. I didn’t want to have to wear a push-up bra anymore. I also wanted to be able to go to the beach in a simple triangle bikini, not an underwired bra top.

I’ve watched most of my friends undergo breast augmentation over the last four years.

I was working full-time and owned a business (a bar and restaurant), so my life was hectic and I just didn’t have the time to do it.

I ended up going for a consultation in Brisbane in 2010 but never took it further. It still seemed surreal. I never thought I would get the nice round boobs I wanted.

My friends and family all told me that I was crazy for wanting a boob job and that I already had big boobs. They didn’t understand. Every person who undergoes breast augmentation does so because they are not happy with what they have. I was not happy with what I had.

MichelleIn June 2014, I began looking into the procedure again. I had sold the business several months prior and life was less hectic. I started researching surgeons and speaking to a lot of people about their past experiences.

A lot of my friends had gone, or were going overseas, to have their breast augmentations done. Whilst the price was appealing, I am a big wuss when it comes to hospitals and needles, and I just wanted to stay close to home.

The surgeon I was drawn to was Dr Ces Colagrande. His clinic is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I spent several nights on his website going through everything. I looked at every review and piece of information I could find on him. I became his biggest stalker.

I used a form on his website to send through my particulars along with some photographs.

I booked in for a consultation collecting pictures of what I wanted to look like. Dr Ces’s receptionist advised that I could initially do a phone consultation as he does with most of his interstate patients before surgery. I lived in Brisbane and thought this would be convenient. Dr Ces called me from his mobile and had a lengthy chat with me about what I wanted going over pictures of what I liked and disliked.

I went to see Dr Ces the following day and he was very helpful taking measurements and trying on different implants. I was very confident with what he recommended for me. He actually listened to me and guided me through to making the decision of the size of implant for me. I was fearful that I was going to look out of proportion and didn’t want to look too big, whilst I still wanted full breasts.

The implant we decided on was a 425cc Extra High Profile, Round Brazilian Implant.

He wrote me scripts for antibiotics and gave me all of the information I needed prior to the surgery.

For the next few days my emotions were all over the place. I was excited to finally be doing this, but also very nervous.

I was questioning the implant size: What was it going to look like? Would it be too big? Was it big enough?

The other strain was quitting smoking. I had tried to quit before, but hearing Dr Ces tell me about the complications and risk of infection that smoking can cause whilst I am healing was the motivation I needed. I quit smoking cold turkey. I was unable to wear a patch or even take a lozenge due to the upcoming surgery.

Dr Ces also gave me the option to have the surgery done in my home city of Brisbane, rather than the Gold Coast, which was helpful.

I went to the hospital in the morning and checked in.

My nerves were raging. I was teary and asking myself did I really need this? Did I really want this? I really needed a cigarette!

I don’t know exactly what I was scared of. The thought of going under general anaesthetic was daunting, and not knowing how I would feel when I woke up terrified me. I cried in front of everyone. I definitely didn’t feel excited.

While I was waiting in bed for my turn, Dr Ces visited and assured me that everything was okay. He was happy and chirpy and I guess he was trying to lift my spirits as I lay there all teary-eyed, hands shaking.

The next thing I remember was waking from the operation with no pain at all. I felt good.

I was scared of these new things on my chest. I didn’t want to look at them straight away.

Michelle's Boob Job

On my first night at home I still felt good with limited pain.

My girlfriends came over and wanted to see them, but I dared not take off the compression bra. As per the strict instructions from my surgeon.

Dr Ces called me later that night to see how I was feeling and explain the operation went perfect however I was missing part of my chest muscle on one side and this could have been a genetic thing relating to having an extra nipple on the left side underneath the breast. Yes I have three nipples!!! Before surgery Dr Ces offered to remove the extra nipple, however I said no. In hindsight I wish that I had told him to remove it.

Dr Ces assured me that he was still able to create a pocket and place the implant using the ‘dual plane’ technique however due to genetically missing part of the muscle it was only partly possible.

While recovering, I was unable to sleep in my bed as I needed to be slightly upright and on my back. So I slept for 11 nights on my recliner, which was actually quite comfortable.

I remember waking up about 2am on the first night as the pain killers had worn off and I was hurting. I couldn’t lift myself out of the chair and I desperately needed some medication. I was light-headed and nauseous.

The pain continued on for about three days. If I didn’t take the pain killers I couldn’t move. I spent most of the three days in the recliner sleeping on and off.

Days four through to 10 got better and better. Initially I would only be up and about until lunch time, then spend the rest of the day on the recliner – but by day 10 I was able to spend most of the day doing my normal things and was off the pain killers.

I work from home so that was a blessing for me. I was able to work my own hours and just knock off if I needed to. If I didn’t work from home I would have needed an entire week off work.

I started sleeping on my side, wedged with pillows, on day 16 post-op. I no longer had any pain, just a tender feeling along with super sensitive nipples.

The waiting game is now on – when and where will they settle? I still can’t figure out my exact new bra size. My guess right now is an E cup as I have tried several on however is this where they will stay?

I am now 30 days post-op (34 days since I had a cigarette).

My right breast feels normal again, with a little tenderness but no pain.

My left breast is slightly bigger than the right and I am waiting for this one to settle down. I am in constant contact with my surgeon, Dr. Ces. I have been able to email him photographs and ask any questions that concern me since my initial contact with him, I don’t get a reply email though – I get a phone call. My friends who had their surgeries done here in Brisbane cannot believe that he called me every night for the first week after my surgery, and that he still calls me at least once a week! They told me that their surgeons had their nurses call them after care once and they’ve never heard from their surgeon since. I am a worry wart and at the moment my new boobs are my life and it is so good to know that I have the support of a surgeon who genuinely cares about his patients and their well-being.

I am over the moon with my decision to have breast augmentation. I am extremely happy with the surgeon I chose and the results thus far.

My advice to anybody interested in this procedure is to do the research, find a surgeon that you are comfortable with and ask lots of questions not only of the surgeon but of any forum and review you can find. You are not only looking for the right surgeon, you are looking for the right implant, the right size, and of course the aftercare offered.



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