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Hunger kills around 6 million people each year, and around 3.4 million from dirty and other water related diseases.

This is MUMA’S call to action and since the start of July 2014; MUMA has begun to contribute $1 from every sale to ‘MUMA Global Charity Initiative’. MUMA is providing natural health products worldwide. Their Raw Core Love is a blend of natural, gluten free, vegan friendly, neutral flavoured seed and grain that can be added to any meal sweet or savoury. MUMA’S Raw, Core, Love boosts essential dietary fibre, OMEGA 3 ALA, essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins as well as being full of amino acids with no additives!

We sat down with MUMA to figure out how MUMA came about and what Jay Z, cycling and raw, core, love have to do with MUMA working to save the world and our health… enjoy!

How did MUMA get started?

Funnily enough, my probationary contract at my new job (at the time) was not renewed, followed by a failed business venture with a friend, which led me to begin what I had always wanted to do, start my own business. My mother is an amazing chef, food stylist and publisher, and has been the biggest foodie influence in my life (hence the business name), and I love food, so it worked well.

What’s your favourite part of your work with MUMA?

Developing new and exciting products. Although we are currently only stocking Raw Core Love which is a great hit, we’ve got some new products coming out over the next couple of months that we’re very excited about, and plenty more for the future.

How much does diet affect the way you feel and look?

Infinitely. You can notice a huge difference in the way you feel when you’re eating well to when you’re not. It’s even more evident when you’re involved in high-level physical activity. To perform your best, you need to be fuelling and recovering your body with the best, there’s no two ways about it.

A day in the life of MUMA… talk us through it

At this stage, my days (and nights) are spent sitting in front of the computer, walking to and from the post office (multiple times if I’m lucky), and occasionally looking out the window to see if the world is still there, haha. It sounds thrilling I know, but to me it’s a point it time. We’re trying to build a great business here and as long as you’re happy doing what you’re doing, then it’s ok. Ask me in 2 years, hopefully I’ll have a different answer!

MUMA Health Food

Who is your biggest inspiration?

It’s weird, I don’t really have someone that’s I’ve drawn inspiration from as such. I am inspired when I watch certain movies, or listen to certain music, but I wouldn’t say that I analyse the individual so closely, I’m more inspired by the possibility of a given situation. But, if I have to names someone, I would have to say Jay-Z. Love his music, and for what he’s achieved from where he once was, pretty amazing stuff.

What’s your favourite way to nurture/nourish yourself?

Cycling and then eating. For me mental health/strength is very important. There are lots of pressures and stressful situations on a day-to-day level, and I personally find a release through sport, although sometimes it can have an adverse effect when I don’t perform to my expectations, in other words, someone beats me! But either way it always takes your mind away from other things without you even knowing, and that in itself is very beneficial for your mind.

What’s your best piece of advice to anyone looking to change his or her diet and lifestyle for the better?

Commitment. The only way you’ll ever get to where you want to be in life, or to achieve short term goals, is to commit 100%. That’s easier said then done, but it is the underlying principal to get what you want. For an answer that more people will closely relate to, my advice is to start with small changes, and gradually work your way up (part of the Raw Core Love philosophy). It’s very difficult to change your diet quickly and drastically. Ease into it, slowly start introducing more and more healthy and nutritious foods into your diet, play plenty of sport, and commit for the long term, that’s when you’ll see results.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of MUMA Health?

We’ve got big things planned for the future of MUMA. We’re currently developing some exciting new products, which are launching in the next few months, and more to follow. We’re also looking into distribution channels internationally. We’ve had some very positive feedback from importers in Western Europe, Canada/US and Asia, so facilitating these are a priority. Very much looking forward to what the future holds.

5 words to describe MUMA Health?

Global, Charity, Smile, Live, Love.

And last but certainly not least motto you live your life by?

YOLO. Sorry.

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