My Leg Vein Treatment with ExcelV Laser

Unsightly leg veins! They are something you dread when you are younger but for so many of us, mostly women, it is unavoidable and just one of the natural occurrences of ageing. I have had many treatments on my leg veins over the years. First it was for some minor spider veins using sclerotherapy, right up to vein stripping in both legs. After the stripping some 10 years ago everything seemed to settle down for a while… but then the dreaded veins began to appear again.

About 18 months ago, I became more self conscious about the cluster of veins that appeared on the right side of my leg just above my knee. Having put it off, and put it off, I decided to investigate into what was available in the cosmetic world that was quick and, more importantly, “painless”.

After searching through the internet I came across the ExcelV Laser treatment which I hadn’t heard of before but, based on everything I read about it, seemed to be the right course of treatment. I booked in with Dr John Flynn, a cosmetic practitioner on the Gold Coast. I felt comfortable in the knowledge that he has over 20 years experience – I figured he must know his stuff by now, right?

During my initial consultation, Dr Flynn suggested I may also need some follow up with sclerotherapy on top of the ExcelV Laser treatment. He recommended 2 treatments with the ExcelV, and then we would see how it looked after that.

At the beginning of the treatment, I was given some goggles for eye protection from the laser, and both Dr Flynn and his assistant did the same. Then it was time for the treatment to begin….

ExcelV Vein Treatment

After the application of some cold numbing gel, the laser was applied in 10 second bursts all around the site. I wouldn’t say it was painless, but it was certainly bearable. For the first 6-8 seconds it was painless but then the site where the laser light was being applied heated up, and just when I felt like saying “that’s enough”, it all abated. It was nowhere near as bad as I thought – I’ve had much more pain when having laser to my face!

The whole process took about 15-20 minutes, and afterwards the area had a slightly raised red appearance. Nothing too alarming though, and I could’ve covered it up with foundation if it really bothered me. It was certainly an improvement from before the treatment. Some of the smaller veins had disappeared straight away, but the two larger blue spots had actually increased and were more obvious!

For about half an hour after the treatment the area felt hot. I understand that’s to be expected; other than that it was absolutely fine.

About 1-2 weeks after my visit, the area still had a slight redness but within approx 4-6 weeks it had all settled down nicely with the exception of the 2 pea size areas of veins which still remain. I plan to follow up with Dr Flynn in another month to see if another ExcelV treatment will fix this or whether another go at sclerotherapy is required. I will keep you posted!



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