My Manicure at Jocelyn Petroni

ManicureA person’s nails can say a lot about them!

A perfectly manicured and carefully polished set of nails can make you look elegant, feminine and put-together, even if deep down that’s far from the truth!

With summer in full swing, break out those bright reds and oranges or get girlie with pale pinks and nudes.

Yesterday, luxury was mine when I found myself stepping into Jocelyn Petroni’s salon in the chic suburb of Woollahra in Sydney. Jocelyn has earned herself a place as the official CHANEL manicurist in Australia, and she waves her magic touch over the likes of Miranda Kerr, Michelle Bridges and Megan Gale – just to name a few.

As you walk up the stairs into her oasis you are met with the smell of gardenias wafting from a luxurious candle. I eagerly fill in my new clientele form and wait patiently. I already feel relaxed – everything that’s going on in the outside world is null and void to me at this point.

ManicureJocelyn is like her manicures – classy, chic and effortlessly beautiful. Next thing I know my hands are soaking and my Ballerina-coloured CHANEL polish is by my side. My manicurist is gentle and precise, and tidies up my neglected nails ever so carefully. She massages my hands and then applies the varnish. Something tells me she would have been amazing at colouring-in as a child.

After my mani, I’m offered tea and ushered back to the lounge chairs to wait for my nails to dry. I am so overwhelmed by the whole experience I refuse tea, and sit and take in my environment before I have to leave and make way for the next lucky lady. Looking down at my nails I feel proud, and like I need to show off my new paws – they are now something out of a glossy magazine. The length is short, square and classy, the colour is delicate, fresh and flawless, and the skin around my nail beds is refreshed, smooth and rejuvenated – nothing short of perfection. If I have a car accident on the way to my next destination, it’s because I would have been looking at my nails and not the road.

To book your appointment with Jocelyn Petroni or any of her team, go here.


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