My RejuvAus Skin Care Review – Luxury Medicine for Beautiful Skin

Do you remember that hilarious show, AbFab? One of my favourite scenes was when Patsy was sitting in on a round table editorial meeting for the magazine that shall we say, she *worked* for. The upcoming beauty story being discussed by Patsy and her beauty editors decided they were going to do a story on, was – wait for it, Skin is In!

I love that – because it says it all, but joking aside, let’s face it, skin really is in, in fact it’s the basis of beauty and it’s also a clear reflection of our health. Without, fresh, glowing skin, you’re at a disadvantage.

Cosmetic Medicine for Beauty

So how exactly do you achieve the best possible skin for you? Our good friends at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia understand that cosmetic medicine is by nature, complex and should always be tailored to your specific requirements. When you come into one of their clinics, you’ll be cared for as an individual by professionals. Alternatively, when shopping online – an expert is on hand to ‘e-chat’ with you and to help guide you to the best possibly skincare for your particular needs.

The Celebrities Choice – RejuvAus – Luxury Medicine for Beautiful Skin

Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia stock the highly regarded RejuvAus range of skincare. This range is medical grade skincare that achieves visible results, with the goal being to provide “luxury medicine for healthy skin” – for anyone, at any age who is seeking beautiful, healthy skin, which we know, is always in!

My Review On The RejuvAus Range

The range from RejuvAus is so wide and varied. I started using the RejuvAus Essential Collection range earlier this year. I have to say I absolutely loved it, especially the under eye brightening & lightening serum. OMFG!! Here’s what’s included in the Essential Collection pack:-

  • [C2] Gentle AHA Exfoliating Gel
  • [S6] Clarifying Serum
  • [S1+] ABC Repair & Restore
  • [S2] Super Whitening & Brightening
  • [S3] Collagen Peptide
  • [M1] Super Moisturising UV Lotion

What I loved about the RejuvAus Essentials is it’s easy to use, and has the step by step systems to follow. There’s the C for Cleanse, S for Serum, M for Moisturiser – easy peasy!

I loved using the RejuvAus skin care range, and have to say that the i-ActiveRx for my dark under eye circles is an absolute gamechanger. It’s a Vit A serum and specifically designed for dark circles and fine lines. I’ve never used a product like it! I can highly recommend it for those dark circles that just kind of ‘are’! Nothing that I have used so far has ever matched this one. So if you’ve got dark circles under your eyes – try it out! Rating 11/10!!

Can you believe also included in the pack is the Rejuvaus Supershot. The Supershot is a natural superfood blend to boost overall nutrition and wellbeing. So working from the inside out. If you’ve ever had a green powder superfood before, some can be yucky and hard to get down. Well this one is yummo! It’s got a citrus flavour, and I added it to my juice in the mornings and drank it like a shot. Kind of like going out but during the day LOL.

I really enjoyed using the RejuvAus range. It’s easy to follow process made me feel like I was caring for my skin the way I should. Loved it!

Trish x

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