Acne Treatments

Acne can range from the odd mild break out to its more severe form as a chronic skin disease that can cause pain, inflammation, loss of confidence and scarring.

Acne is commonly caused by a combination of hormone changes, bacteria and blocked pores. Most commonly found in adolescents during puberty when the sebaceous (oil) glands come to life – male hormones produced by the adrenal glands of both males and females stimulate these glands. Acne often continues through to adulthood for a number of different reasons so it is important to find the best treatment that tackles the problem with acne that you may be experiencing.

There are a number of acne treatments on the market. Whether they be topical over the counter creams, prescription medicines or the treatment of acne scarring.

Finding the right treatment for you is important as every treatment has a different effect to the next.

Treatments may include chemical peels and laser. If you choose the option of acne treatment with laser, ensure that the laser treatment you have been recommended is designed specifically for acne treatment and acne scar treatment. Note that if the same wavelength setting is used for both acne treatment and hair removal, the result you get may not be great! Ask questions!

Both Candela Smoothbeam and Infini are some laser ‘names’ that are suited for Acne treatment or Acne scars.

Laser Acne Treatments

Laser treatments can be used for acne and severe acne breakouts. It uses the same of laser techniques (light therapy) used by doctors to get rid of wrinkles and scarring. This kind of therapy for acne works best and would prevent the acne from reoccurring if used with medicines that are applied to the skin. For those who didn’t find much success with other acne treatments such as creams and oral medicines – which can also be effective treatments for acne outbreaks but could be very expensive and can dry and irritate sensitive skin, they reinforce it with a laser treatment for better results. Unlike the topical and oral acne medications, laser treatment has no side effects.

Not all treatments and not all laser treatments for acne work for everyone. There are different kinds of laser treatments and it is a matter of finding out which one works for you. Here is a list of the different laser treatments for acne:

Pulse Light Therapy – Decreases the oil production on skin and eliminates acne with the use of pulsed light and heat energy.

Candela Smoothbeam – Uses a combination of skin heating and cooling to selectively heat the middle layer (the dermis) of the skin which moderately treats sebaceous and other skin problems like acne.

Blue light therapy – A series of painless procedures that exposes the skin to a low-intensity blue light source which destroys the acne.

Infinity – This new system creates fractional micro-insertions in the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) by its numerous micro-needles and induces dermal coagulation by radio frequency emission from its needle end that stimulates collagen and elastin fibres without potential thermal damage in the epidermis layer.

Photodynamic therapy – A combination of topical medications and light-based therapies. It has a photosensitizing agent that is applied to the skin to augment the effects of the light therapy.

Diode laser therapy – Targets the thick middle layer of the skin where it destroys the sebaceous glands in the dermis without harming the outer layer of skin.

Photopneumatic therapy – Uses a red and blue to treat the acne. It uses a vacuum suction that eliminates the dead skin cells and oil in the sebaceous glands.