Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be defined as an artificial hair integration where an additional human or artificial hair is attached to give more length and volume. It may also be called hair weaves. The synthetic or real hair is attached to the scalp to give a drastic change to their hair without looking unrealistic. For best results, the hair extension should match the colour and texture of the person’s hair having the extension. Whether it’s synthetic or real, hair weaves can last a long time and remain in good condition if cared for properly.

Hair extensions come in many types and methods vary. Pre-boned, clip in, weave, heat fusion, hot fusion, cold fusion, flat fusion, skin weft hair, micro-bead, micro link, invisible, hairlocs, pinch braids, braid-less, sew-in, tape in, Brazilian knots, microchet and shrinkies.

Here are some ways to maintain your hair extensions:

  • Wash your extensions regularly because artificial hair extensions are drenched in oil from your head.
  • Use a quality and gentle shampoo.
  • Use a quality leave-in conditioner to be applied in a moderate amount once in the morning and at night.
  • Dry your extensions naturally and gently with a soft towel. Do not use a hair dryer.
  • Regularly brush your extensions to give a good volume and to avoid tangles. But do not brush too often when wet as it may tear the hairs and lead to a shorter life for them.
  • Brush with nylon bristles or comb your extensions when dry using a wide tooth comb.
  • Use stylers only when they are dry.
  • In straightening the hair, use a quality hot iron heat protection spray.
  • Never go to bed when hair is wet or damp and tie it in a bun with a soft scrunchie to avoid it from tangling.
  • Avoid oil based products which will strip the hair and make it very dry.
  • Before swimming, have your extensions checked to make sure that they are still well fitted.
  • Do not wear swimming caps. Instead, pony tail the hair extensions and tie with a band.

In choosing a type of hair extension, make sure you choose the one that is suitable for your hair and lifestyle. Always remember that it is in how you care and maintain them that will make your extension last long and look good on you.