Tattoo Removal

In the past, tattoo removal was not possible. But technology has improved and developed ways to remove tattoos fully or partially.

The common techniques used in removing tattoos before include, Trichloroacetic acid which uses acids to remove the outer layer of the skin down to where the tattoo ink resides. Another method is the Dermabrasion technique that should be performed by plastic surgeons and dermatologist by using strong abrasive devices to remove the mark on the upper to mid layer of the skin. Another way is the Salabrasion technique which is done by scrubbing the skin with salt. There are 2 ways to remove a large tattoo, one is the Cryosurgey that uses intense cold to wipe out unwanted tissue, second is the Excision which is said to be a more invasive way in removing tattoos. Excision is also considered as a very effective process to erase smaller tattoos. In the old days, the injection or application of wine, lime, garlic or pigeon excrement are commonly used in removing tattoos. In the early 1990╩╝s, lasers have been developed. In 2010, there were 86,000 tattoo procedures done and about 100,000 performed in 2011.

Laser removal is now the most popular tattoo removal procedure performed everywhere. The laser breaks down the ink in the tattoo which is then absorbed by the body, mimicking the natural tone lightening that time or sun exposure would create.

There are important things that need to be considered before undergoing a procedure in removing a tattoo. Consider the design and size of the tattoo that needs to be removed which will affect the experts╩╝ approach to the removal process, thus, resulting to the success of the procedure. Other things to consider would be your budget, your body or health condition, the right treatment for you, how long is the recovery time, the side effects of the treatment and the possible risks or complications during and after the procedure. Lastly, know how long the treatment will take and if you can fully commit to it to avoid complications because several methods require a course of between six and ten treatments with approximately four week intervals.

For safe tattoo removal procedure, it is best to consult the experts first and find which treatment is safest and best for you.