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Pigeon & Weasel candles are our new favourite thing. We are slightly obsessed with them here in the office and at home. They have come up with the genius idea of recycling old beer bottles and filling them with the sweetest smells in all the lands. We figured; hey we like beer and we like candles so we sat down with Prue from Pigeon & Weasel candles to find out more about this great brand. If you haven’t come into contact with these amazing smelling candles yet do your nostrils a favour and head over to http://www.pigeonandweasel.com to find out where you can grab some.

How did you start out in the candle ware business?

Basically I love shopping and all things pretty (often expensive). I was buying and talking about candles non stop. A child in my class at school got me a candle making kit and the rest is all history! Pigeon (Clay) wanted to create a candle that he could have in his room (not so girly looking) and I just wanted to create something that smelt amazing!

A day in the lives of Pigeon & Weasel – talk us through it

Alarm goes off at 5:20, jump out of bed to take Maxie (labradoodle) for a walk then fix up any overnight online orders, out the door for school at 7:10. I am a primary school teacher by day so I am chasing 9 year olds around all day! Hopefully home by 5:00 so then I can make it to Pilates. Candles then begin around 7:00pm for me. My part of the process is making and packaging all the candles, so secretly I got the best job out of the two of us as my house always smells beautiful! By around 10 I am ready for bed.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My dad, because he taught me to do things my way and not get caught up on the small things.

How do you stay up to date with the latest trends?

I am a huge fan of Pinterest and Bec Judd Loves blog, between the two of those sites I manage to stay on top of everything!

Pigeon & Weasel CandlesWhat’s your favourite part of your job?

Trying out new scents, sometimes they are revolting…we tried to make a bacon candle once need I say more?

Best beauty tip/secret?

Using the melted wax from our candles as a moisturiser.

What’s your favourite way to nurture/nourish yourself?

A pedicure and chamomile tea.

In your spare time what do you get up to?

Between making candles and being a primary school teacher spare time doesn’t really exist! I guess if anything going out to dinner. I recently went to an amazing new place called LP’s quality meats in Chippendale, it was a fab find.

What’s your best piece of advice to anyone looking to get into their own business?

Make sure you believe in the product and have lots of time!

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

To continue being busy and happy and have everyone know about our brand.

5 words to describe yourself

Controlling, positive, unwavering, happy, thankful

And last but certainly not least motto you live your life by?

My way or the highway!



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