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Dr Colin Moore is one of the world’s leading surgeons specializing in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

The head of the Sexual Solutions Clinic, based at St George Private Hospital in Kogarah NSW, began as a paediatric surgeon and developed a unique penis enlargement technique in the 1980s.

“I was in the Middle East treating children with conditions known as micropenis and bladder exstrophy,” Dr Moore says.

“I devised this method of lengthening their penises and patented it, and now I’m the only person in Australia who can do this lengthening operation.”

Dr Moore has refined his surgical procedures to the point where he now holds three patents and is the only surgeon in Australia that can increase length in erect and flaccid penises.

As well as penis enlargements, Dr Moore’s clinic offers a new procedure for treating sexual dysfunction in men and women using platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

He says PRP has been used in other areas for about two decades, but its use in treating impotence is very new.

Dr Moore decided to introduce the technique after tracking the results of its use in the USA and, so far, his patients have reported great results.

“In the early stages, it’s looking very good,” he says.

“Sixty per cent are showing significant improvement. It is working well for people who are having difficulty in erections occurring, but also in men sustaining them. They’re also reporting an increase in sensation and in orgasms intensifying.”

He says the first step in treating sexual dysfunction is an ultrasound to diagnose the problem.

Patients may then be prescribed medication and, in the past, have progressed to injections and, if still experiencing problems, an artificial erection device is inserted in the penis.

Dr Moore says two or three treatments of PRP have the potential to replace the old injections which are required each time a man has sexual intercourse.

“It’s minimally invasive and the big advantage is it’s only two or three treatments at the most,” he says.

“Other types of injections have to be done during intercourse.”
Dr Moore says the other advantage of PRP is the cost (around $2000).

“It’s not hugely expensive and it’s worth a try,” he says.

“If it works you’ve avoided a lifetime series of injections.”

The Sexual Solutions Clinic also offers PRP treatments for women.

Dr Moore says PRP is injected into the area around the G-spot and/or the clitoris, depending on the individual issues of the patient.

“It improves the quality of their orgasm and the sensitivity,” he says.

“It can also offer a better feeling of containment.”

Dr Moore says before injecting the PRP, his clinic offers the teaching of a technique to help women achieve a G-spot orgasm which he describes as an ‘acquired phenomenon.’

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