Sleek Skin

Sleek Skin is a non-invasive treatment designed to reduce the stubborn signs of cellulite. Using Shock Wave Therapy or Energy Wave Technology to vibrate the skins connective tissue which improves blood flow to the skin, designed to reduce the size of cellulite and help to reduce the bumpy appearance all together.

It is proven that when Sleek Skin is used along with a healthy lifestyle that includes a good eating regime, exercise and plenty of water, then cellulite can be reduced significantly as well as benefiting from skin tightening and smoothing as well.

The practitioner moves the applicator that emits the Energy Wave Technology across the surface of the skin. This sends impulses of energy into the cellulite layer of the dermis and vibrates the connective tissue, improving circulation and dislodging the cellulite deposit.

This procedure is not painful but you will feel the pulse of the device as it moves across your skin.

This Energy Wave Technology has been used for a long time to break up calcified deposits within the body for medical purposes. And is now also used for the treatment of Kidney Stones and similar deposits.

The optimal process is about 10 treatments of around 15 minutes over 5 weeks.

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