Spray Tans

Spray tans are my newfound hero. They have had a bit of a rep for being quite tacky but they really are the safe option to a summer glow.

I love having tanned skin but I hate doing anything that is going to damage my skin e.g. tanning. As we all know quite well the sun and its harsh UV rays are one of the biggest enemies of healthy skin.

About a year ago I had my first spray tan from a salon and hello… I instantly looked fresher, healthier, slimmer  and my outfits looked a whole lot better.

There are a number of spray tans available either D.I.Y or from a salon.

And before you rush out and grab the first one you can find remember we have all seen a bad spray tan or been through one so its important to find the right tan for you and not one that is going to leave you streaky, orange or patchy.

To get the low down on how to do your own Spray tan along with reviews and prices of DIY spray tans then take a look at the article on this page.

To find a salon near you that performs Spray Tans click the Find a Clinic tab and if you have any further questions make sure you email me at trish@theaesthetichub.com.au


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