The Rise of Non-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery

In recent years we have seen the taboo and controversy surrounding cosmetic surgery almost completely disappear. Not that long ago it was frowned upon or categorized as a procedure that old wealthy housewives and aging Hollywood actresses would seek out in order to deter the signs of aging.

Today we can see a major rise in the popularity of cosmetic surgery, in both men and women. Every day people are seeking cosmetic enhancement procedures due to the rising trend of improving our beauty and physical appearance. The rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery is due to a number of factors; procedures now on offer are far more sophisticated, they are statistically more successful, the costs of cosmetic surgery are at an all time low and the fast results and effectiveness of non-invasive cosmetic surgery are ever increasing.

Cosmetic surgery is defined as any procedure that is performed on any or all areas of the head, neck and body that is enhanced for aesthetic appeal. Non-invasive cosmetic surgery is basically all forms of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Many opt for non-invasive cosmetic surgery in comparison to surgical cosmetic surgery because there is the lesser chance of complications, faster results and the ever-increasing lower cost of non-invasive cosmetic surgery.

Some of the most popular non-invasive treatments sought out in Australia include; Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, Crylipolysis, Ultherapy, Fraxel Laser, Facial Peels, IPL, Microdermabrasion, Platelet Rich Plasma, Micro needling plus many more.

The approximate growth of injectables in this country is around a 25% increase each year. This figure will continue to grow as other products and brands come on to the market, making injectables and other non-surgical treatments even more effective and more affordable. Years can be erased with muscle-relaxant injections, the effects of gravity can be reversed with skin and muscle-tightening energy technologies and sun damaged skin can be revitalised to a clearer, even colour with the help of lasers.

Unsurprisingly, Australians spend more money per capita than any other nationality undoing the damage caused from over-exposure to the sun on procedures such as IPL laser treatments.

Although non-invasive cosmetic surgery is on the rise and everyday people are seeking its benefits there are still a few things you must take into consideration when planning your next non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Don’t be afraid to ask your physician anything you want to know, always speak up if there is anything you don’t understand or are skeptical about.

Remember to keep your wallet closed not your mouth until you know absolutely everything you need to know about your procedure. Make sure you understand every small part of the procedure you are paying for. Check the clinics reputation and the physicians history and accreditations.

Find out if there is any care you will need after the procedure, follow up appointments and the healing time needed for the procedure.

Learn everything you can about your next non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Sites such as this will assist you in learning everything you need to know and if we don’t have the information you need we can always point you in the right direction.

The range of cosmetic surgery procedures is almost unlimited, as techniques and technology continuously improve. The popularity of non-invasive cosmetic procedures is increasing, which means that there are more cosmetic practitioners to choose from, but it does not mean they are all reputable. Following the suggestions just listed, should assist you in finding the correct non-invasive cosmetic procedure and practitioner for you.

The cosmetic and medical standards in Australia are recognised as some of the highest in the world – for good reason. The industry in this country is strictly regulated and very well respected and regarded internationally. And when it comes to your face and your body, it’s always your choice, but by choosing quality, this means you’re going to make a change for the better – for you.


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