The Whole Experience with Dr May Marr

Here at The Aesthetic Collective we get a lot of information through about different practitioners, clinics, procedures and devices. Once in a while we come across a practitioner that appears to do it all; you get the whole experience with Dr May Marr.

Dr Marr has many satisfied clients willing to sing her praises. She offers a range of the latest procedures and treatments, and has the experience to match. Recently I had a consultation with Dr Marr, I was really keen to try the “new-age” injectable on the market – a new muscle relaxant. I was also keen to experience Dr Marr’s new device for some skin tightening on my upper arms.

Now I have to say I’ve had a few ‘injectables’ done in the last few years, so I know how ‘uncomfortable’ it can be. I have to say, Dr Marr is without a doubt one of the ‘gentle’ practitioners; your comfort is a top priority for her. Oh wow, it’s over already? Yes, it’s over – I didn’t fall asleep, but I have to say it wasn’t so bad after all! Injectable – tick.

Dr Marr has just purchased a new device, and one of the treatments it’s designed for is loose skin. Great! I’m ready to have a try on my ‘batwings’ the loose skin under the top arm – sometimes referred to as “tuckshop lady arms” (yes, I did tuckshop at my kids’ school, maybe that’s why I have them ☺). Dr Marr discussed the treatment with me, what I could expect, and how long it would take. With a big ‘Yes’, we started on some skin tightening. Dr Marr constantly checked to make sure I was not feeling any discomfort during the whole process. I felt relaxed and as though I was in good hands. After the treatment, she again reminded me of what I may possibly experience in the next few hours and days, and gave me a detailed hand-out with information on after care. I walked out of Dr Marr’s office feeling great. No down-time.

This blog serves as a little reminder to you that it pays to do your homework and shop around when looking to find someone to undergo any cosmetic procedure, treatment, or surgery. It should be an experience where you feel comfortable and taken care of each and every step of the way.

We do our homework here at WickedBeauty and encourage you to do the same.

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