Treating Acne with Issada Clinical Formula Skincare

Unfortunately, acne is very common – not only in teenagers but in adults too. As a skin condition, it can present differently from one person to the next. Acne is predominantly an obstructive disease – caused by obstruction of the pores – presenting as pimples, spots and painful bumps on and beneath the skin. While most noticeable on the face, acne can also be present on the back, shoulders and buttocks.

Left untreated, severe acne can cause scarring, both physically and emotionally and while acne mostly appears in puberty (damn those hormones!) it is also a very common skin condition in adults as well.

The Different Types of Acne

Acne can present in various ways, commonly causing the surrounding skin to become red and inflamed. Generally acne presents as;

  • Blackheads –small, blocked pores
  • Whiteheads – small, hard bumps with a white centre
  • Pustules – spots with a lot of visible pus
  • Nodules – hard, often painful lumps under the skin – often referred to as cystic acne.

Whatever the specific type or severity of acne you have – acne is a condition that can be treated. While many may jump to antibiotics these can cause more harm than good by killing the good flora in our bodies and so the first line of attack should always be great skincare. By treating your skin with care and quality, effective, yet gentle products as directed, your skin will improve. Most people will see a dramatic improvement – to the point of eliminating acne when using a proven skin routine regularly and with care and patience.

Issada’s Four-Step Skin Routine for Treating Acne

According to Issada’s director, Deb Farnworth-Wood, the Issada product development team specifically recommends four products to successfully treat acne. “These four products make up a simple, yet effective four-step routine that we would recommend to anyone prone to acne – whether severe or just an occasional acne breakout.”

As in any good skin routine, the following steps should be followed both morning and night.

  1. Cleansing. I think we all know that any healthy skincare routine starts with cleansing. But not all cleansers are created equal. Many are harsh, chemically based, or just ineffective. A drying cleanser will cause further obstruction to the pores by causing dead skin cells to build up, an ineffective cleanser will not remove the oil and debris build up around the pores. Issada’ Salicylic Cleanser can be used morning and night on oily and very acneic skin, or once a day at night and using Issada Daily Gentle Cleansing Gel in the morning. The Salycilic cleanser will help to remove any build-up of dirt, excess oil, debris, pollution, makeup and dead skin cells. Gently cleansing is an all-important step to combat acne and congestion, to help clear pores and to keep your skin fresh, clean and healthy without drying or stripping the skin. Using Salicylic Cleanser will also help to boost radiance, balance hydration and allow better absorption of the other products in this four-step routine.

  3. Resurfacing your skin with Issada’s 14% Polishing Scrub. This product is an exfoliating treatment and an essential step towards acne-free skin. It gently resurfaces both your skin texture and tone, as well as removing any dead skin cells to reveal clear pores, and a fresher, brighter, smoother complexion. For severe acne this product can be used daily, after your evening cleanse.

  5. The must-have iconic product from Issada to combat acne is their Break Out Control Gel. This powerful product actively targets acne and breakouts. It also reduces redness and soothes inflammation while killing surface bacteria. The Break Out Control Gel can also be used to prevent future breakouts by keeping pores clear with Salicylic Acid and Pineapple Extract. Unlike other spot control products it is non-drying and encourages natural healing.

  7. Issada’s Calming Probiotic Moisturiser is the final step to clearer, more beautiful skin. This unique lightweight moisturiser strengthens and supports the skin’s microbiome. In essence, it helps to maintain healthy bacteria for healthy, balanced skin while providing calming nutrients without aggravating the acne. This is the ideal final step as it is a moisturiser that has been developed especially for acne-prone skin, and to help reduce redness, rosacea, dry and sensitive skin.

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Published on 2021-01-21 21:45:18