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While we all love a glowing, even complexion, it can be hard to achieve, especially in Australia. So, what is it about our harsh climate that makes an even complexion for many, just a dream? Sun damage has many effects on the skin, but the most obvious is causing an uneven skin tone, also known as pigmentation – unattractive brown patches, sunspots and age spots.

What exactly is pigmentation?

Pigmentation occurs when the body produces an excess of melanin – the skin cells that give your skin colour. This deposit of pigment in the visible layers of skin appears as blotchy, in an uneven manner and darker than the rest of your skin. The triggers for pigmentation can vary, from hormones – such as the ’pregnancy mask’, or a genetic predisposition and of course, sun exposure.

Preventing Pigmentation Getting Worse

The good news is that our exposure to the sun is something that we can have control over. Unprotected sun exposure causes gradual damage to the skin, so we need to use a broad-spectrum SPF to protect from both UVA and UVB rays (UVB are responsible for burning, while UVA can cause photo-ageing, pigmentation, collagen breakdown and premature wrinkles). As well as using a broad-spectrum SPF, wearing a broad brimmed hat for extra skin protection.

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Products to Treat and Camouflage Pigmentation

For a fuller coverage to hide pigmentation try Issada Mineral Velvet Cream and for extra coverage use with Issada Mineral Baked Foundation. When used together your coverage lasts longer. Issada’s Prostick has full coverage, which is perfect for covering pigmentation but it is a lightweight and breathable formula.

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Mineral Velvet Cream by IssadaMineral Velvet Cream
Mineral Baked Foundation
Mineral Prostick

Products to Treat Pigmentation

Issada’s hero product is the Even Tone Pigment Serum. This used day and night makes the pigment cells sleepy which helps to prevent more pigment forming. Even tone Pigment Serum can be used in the morning in combination with Vitamin C Serum – as it helps to protect against environmental and free-radical damage. Issada’s Even Tone Pigment Serum can also be used in combination at night with Retinol (but only to be used at night).

To cleanse your skin, use a Glycolic Scrub to reveal a brighter skin tone, refined texture and clear pores by gently polishing away dead skin cells, built-up dirt, debris and pollutants.
Even Tone Pigment Serum by Issada

Recommended products:

Even Tone Pigment Serum
25% Vitamin C Serum
0.5% Retinol + HA
14% Glycolic Polishing Scrub

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