URIEL COCO SPORTS TOP designed by Amorous Coco

We love the range from Amorous Coco. But even more so we love the story behind how Amorous Coco came about. Founded by Amy Morris in 2011, Amy had gained 45kg after the pregnancy of her first child. After this weight gain she knew had to get back into shape. During her weight loss progression her chest size went from a 10C before pregnancy to a 14-who the hell knows- to an invisible 10A.

This of course left Amy with saggy skin and so she opted for a breast augmentation to assist in helping her getting her pre baby body back.

With nipples misaligned and lots of loose skin to fill she ended up with 350cc and 400cc implants, under the muscle through the armpit. This re-aligned everything perfectly and helped give Amy the amorous she needed to feel like a human again, not just a mum.

But the only problem from here on in was how do you find a sexy bra for size 10F boobs? And so Amorous Coco was born.

Amorous Coco has a complete range of beautiful underwear, lingerie, swimwear, compression garments, bags, clothes, jewellery and even beauty products. To shop the complete range simply head to http://www.amorouscoco.com.au/

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