Votiva – Female Rejuvenation from the Inside

votiva article imageVirtually unheard of, or just whispered about, a few years ago, ‘Vaginal Rejuvenation’ treatments are beginning to grace the menus of aesthetic and medical clinics around the country – not a minute too soon for the thousands of women desperately looking for help with this, until now, ‘private problem’.

Designed to treat the vagina and vulva for functional and aesthetic reasons, Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments currently include surgical procedures as well as non-invasive and minimally-invasive options such as laser and radio-frequency.

InMode is leading the way in minimally invasive options with the launch of its women’s Health and Wellness workstation, Votiva.

The radio-frequency based device offers clinics and their patients “the complete solution” for Vaginal Rejuvenation with three distinct technologies – Forma V, Aviva and Morpheus8 –that deliver therapeutic heat to internal and external vaginal tissue.

FormaV is designed to treat sexual dysfunction, pain relief and muscle toning. The non-invasive module delivers uniform, volumetric deep heating to increase localised blood circulation and remodel tissue to restore the function and appearance of the internal vaginal tissue and external vulva.

Aviva is aimed at women wanting to improve the function and appearance of their vagina and vulva, in particular, reduce excess skin and tissue, without undergoing a labiaplasty. Completed under local anaesthetic in less than 20 minutes, the minimally invasive treatment delivers uniform energy to the vagina’s entire soft tissue matrix with precision, temperature control and accuracy. The treatment doesn’t require any excisions and leaves no visible scarring.

Morpheus8 is a fractional RF microneedling treatment that remodels skin, tissue and collagen to resurface the external vulva and labia tissues. The triple-action of fat coagulation, connective tissue contraction and bulk heating improves texture and tightens the targeted area. The treatment, which requires minimal to no downtime, can also be used to remodel and contour the face and other parts of the body.

Votiva Female Rejuvenation from the InsideKate Melles, InMode’s national clinical educator in Australia and New Zealand, says the Votiva provides “a clinically proven, innovative and versatile solution for all female patients”.

“The Votiva enables medical and aesthetic clinics to offer complementary procedures to their current patients as well as attract a broader patient base.”

“Women will undoubtedly find comfort in the knowledge that all of their intimate health needs can be comprehensively treated in the one, safe place.”

Kate believes the market for Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments will continue to grow as women become increasingly aware that safe and effective non-surgical options are available.

“The Votiva can make such a difference to women’s lives,’ she adds, explaining that medical and aesthetic concerns (which can be caused by a wide variety of factors including childbirth, menopause, genetics and trauma) can adversely affect sexual health and quality of life.

Common problems include atrophic vaginitis, decreased pleasure during sex, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and general dissatisfaction with the appearance of the vulva.

She says that Votiva’s treatment options provide a genuine alternative to surgical procedures.

The workstation’s effectiveness has been proven with several peer-reviewed clinical trials including a 2018 study of 30 women in the US which found dramatic improvements in functional and aesthetic concerns after just one treatment with the FormaV and FractoraV (fractional RF microneedling) handpieces.

Published in the Gynecology Surgical Technology International journal, the study by Dr Jeffrey Caruth, recorded improvements in sexual matters (72.1%), life quality (64.6 %), incontinence (62.7%), pelvic floor (61.2%) and vaginal symptoms (50.6%) for the 40-60-year-old women.

The results, two months post-treatment, were based on before-and-after questionnaires, photographs and biopsies.

Another American clinical trial in the same year found that a radiofrequency treatment using InMode’s ‘Facetite modified to Accutite’ was a viable alternative to labiaplasty for aesthetics and functionally.

Led by Dr Erez Dayan, the study, published in PRS Ideas and Innovations, reported a 50 percent improvement in labia size/contour for 10 women aged between 29-54.

The treatment delivered “tightening of the clitoral hood, introitus and forchett as well as the improved distribution of dark pigmentation of the labia minora” for all the patients.

Most importantly, all 10 women said they would be happy to undergo another treatment.

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Published on 2021-01-29 18:39:16