Wanna blog?

Want to become a blogger with The Aesthetic Collective? You can send us a proposed blog or blog series that you’ve already written or send us a pitch that you think would be a great fit for The Aesthetic Collective. For a blog to be published,
  • It must be original
  • accurate and factual
  • entertaining and educational
  • include pics if you have them
  • written by yourself, not be plagiarized from elsewhere
  • not published elsewhere on the web (if it’s been published in a book or mag, that’s fine, so long as you still own the rights to the article. If this is the case, let us know where and when it was published in hard copy)
  • include a small 1 paragraph bio that you would like to show as your author description
  • include a picture for us to use
  • your Google+ author details, Facebook page, or any other links you would like included.
If possible, please include:
  • A title that you feel would be best for the article – when emailing it, make this the subject of the email too.
  • Any info about yourself and your experience. Feel free to include links to other articles or websites you are involved with.
Send your blog or pitch to us using the form below. We will be in touch with you within a few days.